How Contact Scraper Works

Contact Scraper is a truly unique tool for anyone involved in Search Engine Optimization, sales and lead generation or business networking. Let's go through the scenarios where it makes the most sense to take advantage of this powerful tool.


Search Engine Optimization

What's the hardest part about SEO? It's building links to your site (or your clients'). Everyone who's involved in SEO knows that's true.

Google has made it clear that what they want to see are editorial links now. Not manually created links, not software created links. No more profile links or social bookmark links or anything of that sort.

No, big G wants quality, editorial links, and the best way to get those is to reach out to the owners' of websites that you need to get links from.

Doing that is a seriously time consuming task. First you have to find the sites you want to get a link from. You pull the top ranking sites for your keywords from Google, then filter them to make sure you're only getting sites with good authority.

Once you have the sites, you have to find out who owns them so you can contact those people and see about either getting a link or at least starting to build a relationship so a link will come in the future.

That means finding their contact page on the site, their social media pages and mining the WHOIS data.

For one site or a few sites that's no big deal, but every SEO practitioner knows that very few of the site owners you contact will respond positively. That means you have to contact a lot of site owners. Hundreds or even thousands typically.

Gathering the full name, contact page, email address and social media profiles of thousands of sites is incredibly time consuming.

That's where we come in.

Contact Scraper gathers all of that information for you in seconds. You can then filter the results by the domain's TrustFlow and CitationFlow values (pulled live from the highly respected database).

We don't only get the contact information of the top 100 ranking sites, either. We can also generate the contact information from the top 100 sites linking to the 10 sites ranking on page one of Google for any keywords. If they're linking to your competition, they might be willing to link to you.

Using your SMTP server, Contact Scraper will even email the contacts using templates that you can put tags into that get replaced with each site owner's personalized information.

Thousands of emails need to go out? No problem. We eat that for breakfast.

Worried about spamming? Don't be. You set how fast you want the emails to go out. A nice, slow rate helps to prevent email servers from flagging email from your site as SPAM.

Oh yeah, backlink building just got a heck of a lot easier thanks to Contact Scraper. And since you only pay for what you need, you don't have a monthly bill hanging over your head. Only do work for a few clients? Then only pay for generating reports for a few clients -- the emailing service is a free bonus for using our data mining tools.


Sales and Lead Generation

Business to business sales are tough. Finding the right people to reach out to and reaching out to enough people to make that big sale is an extremely time-consuming endeavor.

You need to know who to contact, but buying leads is wickedly expensive (and those leads are often stale). You need fresh, responsive leads that are more likely to convert.

That's where we come in.

You know who your buyers are. You know who their customers are. So you use our tools to gather contacts in your market.

Let's say you market to businesses that sell blue widgets. To generate leads using Contact Scraper, all you have to do is run a contact job on the top 100 sites ranking for "blue widgets".

In seconds we'll give you all of the contact information for those top ranking sites: names, websites, email addresses, social media profiles-- you get it all.

You can even use our tools to automatically send out a personalized feeler email to all of those contacts. Toss the bait in the water and see who bites.

Our tool does all of that for you in minutes. You sit back and enjoy the sales.

Even the best salesperson can only dig up so many leads in so many hours, and can only write so many emails a day.

Contact Scraper automates all of the hard stuff so that you can do what you do best: sell to the people who need what you're selling.


Business Networking and Relationship Building

If you're looking to network and build relationships with other people in your industry, then you're in the right place.

Contact Scraper mines all of the contact information you could possibly need from hundreds or even thousands of sites in your market. Find out who owns those sites and how to get in touch with them (both via email and social media).

Armed with that information, you can start reaching out to the site owners and building those relationships.

Email them your introduction (we can automate that, too, and even include personal information about every site owner in each email--their name, their website, the topic you found them with, etc). Follow them on Twitter or Friend them on Facebook.

Finding the right people to network with is the hardest part. It's time consuming and tedious.

Leave the hard part to us and focus on what you do best: build relationships with the people in your industry that matter most.